Sunday, 20 July 2014

5 Best wrestling games for PC,PS3,XBOX 2014

Many people love to play Wresting games on their computers but they cannot find the best wresting games which are available in the market.I'm here to help those people who want find out those best wresting games that are available in 2014.Have a look at them below.This list countdowns from 1 to 5 and graphics,gameplay are considered to make this list.I hope you all like this.Have a look at them now.

5) Total Extreme Wresting 2004

This is one of the oldest and best wresting games for PC.This game is released for computer in March 13,2004.During that time,it has some fantastic reviews and great sales around the market.It has been a decade since its release.To say,this should not be in this list.But,since there are no great wresting games for PC,this has got rank in this list.Even a snapshot of thie gameplay is not available on the Internet.Sorry for that.

4) WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2010

It is one of the professional wresting games released by Yuke's.It is the 11th installment from the series of WWE Smackdwon vs RAW series.This series is a big success for the developers as it gained huge profit in the market.This game specially has it's own greatness.It has some fantastic graphics which are even better than it's succeeding game WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2011.You can find the screenshots of the game below.

3) WWE Smackdown ! Here comes the pain

Many websites figure this out as the best Wresting game ever released.But,after considering the Graphics and Gameplay,i can give this game 3rd place in this list.This game is released on October,2007.But still,because of it's very positive ratings and reviews,this has become one of the best wresting games available for PlayStation and XBOX.

2) WWE 2013 or WWE '13

One of the latest WWE game developed by Yuki's.It is the 14th game released in the WWE series.Now,this series changed it's name to WWE 2k.This game is released for PlayStation and XBOX on October 2012.This game has great reviews from the critics.This game also got record sales in 2013 in the North America continent and it stood in top place in the list of best wresting games of 2013.

1) WWE 2K14

We're finally here at the top wrestling game.It is none other than WWE 2K14 released for PlayStation and XBOX.This game is the latest wrestling game developed by Yuke's and published by 2K sports.This game is released on October 29,2013.It's graphics and gameplay are the biggest assets of this game.You can find this game to be having best graphics after once playing this game.It broke the records of WWE 2K13 in sales.So,this is the best wrestling game ever released.Thanks for reading the list.Please share this article on your favorite network by clicking the tabs below.